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Contact Us

YWCA of Hamilton New Zealand

  • c/o YWCA  PO Box 1011, Hamilton 3240
  • Physical Address: 28 Pembroke Street, Hamilton
  • GPS: S 37°47′ 45″ / E 175° 16′ 48″
  • Phone: 07 838 2219
  • Fax: 07 838 2218


Office Hours

Monday to Friday 8.00 am – 5.00pm


Anne Bennett


07 838 2219 ext 0


Bridget Hales

Business Administrator/ Venue Hire

07 838 2219 ext 5


Aubrey Medwid

Programmes Coordinator

07- 838 2219 ext 4


Riikka Anderson

Hostel Coordinator

07 838 2219 ext 2



Paula Johnson

Mobile Meals Coordinator

07 838 2219 ext 1




YWCA of Hamilton New Zealand

07 838 2219