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  • Y-Dub Junior Girls Rock Climbing

    Y-Dub Junior Girls Rock Climbing

  • Y-Dub Junior Girls

    Y-Dub Junior Girls

  • 1000761_549335378449670_1911012213_n
  • 10748_10201695534405035_913881501_n

    YWCA Girls at Outward Bound

  • Programmes Coordinator Aubrey Medwid

    YWCA Programmes Coordinator Aubrey Medwid

  • 1779326_10200619649254299_1988584759_n

    YWCA 2014 Scholarship/Award Holders

  • 10306167_10200991472389645_6416305909695100682_n

    Y Dub Girls with Triathlete Steffie Holcroft

  • 6-11-2011 019

    Kiwi Balloons - Bird's Eye View of the YWCA

 We support individual and community change by EMPOWERING women, especially YOUNG WOMEN,
to develop and exercise their individual and collective LEADERSHIP through enhancing their spiritual, physical, mental and cultural well-being. We are COMMITTED to addressing all forms of oppression, so that women may TOGETHER attain social and economic justice.

Y-Dub Leadership

The Y-dub Programme is intended for young women who with the right guidance and encouragement could become great leaders. The free programme is held weekly.


Our Hostel offers accommodation in single and twin share rooms for both women and men. Accommodation is available on nightly and weekly rates.


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YWCA of Hamilton New Zealand

07 838 2219